Tucker Carlson Accuses Texas House Democrats Who Fled the State of Committing an ‘Act of Insurrection’

In a segment on his Fox News show last night, Tucker Carlson  by saying the 51 Texas House Democrats who fled the state to deny the legislature the quorum necessary to vote on an elections bill were actually committing an “act of insurrection.”

“Insurrection,” of course, is the same word many Democrats have used to describe the events that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“They did this in order to deny the Texas legislature a quorum and then they shut it down, they shut down the democratic process in their state,” Carlson explained about the move by the lawmakers to fly to Washington D.C. to avoid having to vote on the bill.

Carlson began his show by slamming President Joe Biden for saying in a speech earlier in the day that Republican legislatures’ efforts to enforce election integrity is the biggest crisis of democracy since the Civil War.

“Sound overheated to you?” Carlson asked. “Even allowing for the dementia, it was a stunningly irresponsible thing for an American leader to say out loud. Dangerous even,” Carlson added.

Carlson then said that the reason why Biden would use such rhetoric is because of the action by the Texas lawmakers.

“Preventing lawmakers from making laws, shutting down the vote, would not seem like a defense of democracy. In fact, it would appear to be just the opposite. It would appear to be an assault on the very core of democracy, which is the legislature, the people’s house,” Carlson lamented.

Later on in the segment, Carlson shared a montage of various mainstream media hosts appearing to defend the actions of the Texas House Democrats, some of whom have labeled Jan. 6 an “insurrection” as well.

Watch the segment below:


U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) used similar terminology in a tweet this morning where she lambasted the Texas lawmakers.

“Get ready for a big truth bomb that triggers liberals in 3,2,1… The real seditionists are the Texas Dems who took flight from their elected office,” Boebert stated.

Texas GOP Congressional candidate Josh Foxworth responded to Boebert and offered his opinion on why they felt emboldened to take the action, blaming Republicans in the legislature.

“The real problem is the Texas GOP that put Dems in charge of committees, refused to pass legislation during the regular session, and then pretend as if they are trying to get something done now,” Foxworth said.

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