Tucker Carlson Guest Tells GOP to Stop Pandering to Hispanics and Pander to the Working Class to Win

President Trump took to the debate stage tonight shortly after Tucker Carlson aired and it seemed like he was on the right track with his feisty hits on Joe Biden and plan to help all Americans by rebuilding the economy. Pedro Gonzalez, a popular guest of top-rated Tucker Carlson’s show spoke to Tucker about why more Hispanics may be supporting President Trump. Here’s a clue, it’s not by pandering. It’s by showing the American people that he is a strong, alpha leader.

It’s by not treating Hispanics as though they need to be put on some higher playing field than White Americans to show them they matter. They already know they matter, they just want to know what President Trump is going to do to make America a safer country for business owners and law-abiding citizens who don’t care to be known by their race, to begin with.

We could only get the 2:20 max time in our Tweet clip that we posted to the Media Right News Twitter handle, but I think the message is clear.

Tucker says the message could even be de-racialized:

“People who work for a living don’t like disorder because they’re vulnerable to it”. “You’re right,” Pedro says. “The GOP is starting to recycle these talking points while denigrating their white base they patronize Latinos by saying things like, one group of people does the job that another group doesn’t want to do, it’s not just untrue, it’s morally repugnant,” he says. Gonzales goes on to say that the GOP should stop trying to beat the Democrats at their own game. He says Trump should play his own game because “he’s good at it and it’s more popular” and he goes on to describe his thoughts more below.

Perhaps President Trump should start listening to the organic voices from the right and stop listening to paid bureaucrats who are out of touch with reality going into the election as he faces a more challenging demographic voter situation than any Republican presidential candidate ever.

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