Tucker Carlson Says NSA Whistleblower Came to His Show, Claims Biden Admin Wants Tucker Canceled

On tonight’s show, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson posted shocking new information about what he claims is a shocking conspiracy. Carlson said an NSA Whistleblower claims his agency is monitoring Tucker Carlson’s electronic communications and is planning to leak them in order to ruin the show.

“The whistleblower, who is in a position to know, repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on, that could only have come directly from my texts and emails. There is no other possible source for that information period. The NSA captured that information without our knowledge and did it for political reasons. The Biden Administration is spying on us and we have confirmed that.”

He went on, “this morning we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, asking for all information that the NSA and other agencies have gathered about this show. We did it mostly as a formality. We’ve also contacted the press offices at the NSA and the FBI. We don’t expect to hear much back. That’s the way that usually goes. Only Congress can force transparency on the intelligence agencies, and they should do that immediately.”

He went even further to highlight, “spying on opposition journalists is incompatible with Democracy, if they are doing it to us, they are almost certainly doing it to others. This is scary and we need to stop it right away”. Watch:

Conservative commentator Pete D’Abrosca tweeted:

“So the NSA is spying on Tucker… because I guess that’s a thing we do in America now. Remember that the Regime has ZERO moral authority.”

It will be interesting to see what more comes of this and if there is enough leverage left in the GOP to even do anything about it. We will do our best to bring updates on this developing story.

Read more about it from Cassandra Fairbanks on the Gateway Pundit:

“WATCH: Tucker Carlson Announces Whistleblower Confirmed the NSA is Plotting to Leak Info and Get His Show Pulled Off Air”

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