Tucker Carlson Segment on George Floyd Bodycam Footage Release Drives Liberals Nuts on Twitter

Tucker Carlson led off his show tonight on Fox News by breaking down the body cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest and death that was released by the Daily Mail.

Liberals on Twitter have reacted to the segment in the ways that were described by Carlson in the segment, with shock, horror and outrage. Accusations of racism and more have been levied against the show host.

Biden supporter @JRehling shared a picture from the segment where Carlson used with the caption, “We still don’t really know how George Floyd died.”

He implied that Carlson is racist because he thinks “racists would pretend like police brutality doesn’t exist even if we had it on video.”

“Internet Hooligan” Acyn Torabi shared that same picture with the comment, “ugh” and that was retweeted by many, including “independent” @RanttMedia co-founder Ahmed Baba.

Baba said about the clip, “Turns out firing a bigot from his writing team didn’t make Tucker Carlson’s show any less racist.”

Left-wing “comedy” duo The Good Liars claimed that “Tucker Carlson only has one sponsor left.” They then shared a picture of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell hugging a KKK hood instead of a pillow.