Twenty-One States Sign Onto Multi-State Lawsuit Led By Texas and Montana AGs Against Biden Administration Over Keystone XL Pipeline Cancelation

Twenty-one states, led by Texas and Montana’s Republican Attorney Generals Ken Paxton and Austin Knudsen, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Biden administration for revoking a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

The complaint was filed in a Texas federal district court and argues the president exceeded his authority when he canceled the pipeline’s permit after being sworn in on Jan 20.

According to the lawsuit, the decision should rest with Congress.

President Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office revoking the permit that was issued in 2019 by former President Trump.

Biden insisted that letting it remain was inconsistent with his administration’s “economic and climate imperatives.”

Paxton tweeted out an announcement of the lawsuit and condemnation of Biden’s decision.

“Once again, I’m taking on this reckless administration as they seek to destroy people’s livelihoods. Texas and Montana lead a coalition of states suing The Biden administration over the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline,” Paxton said.

From KHOU 11:

According to the complaint, the states expect cancellation of the pipeline would lead to a significant loss in tax revenue that would have particularly benefited “poorer rural areas.” The project was expected to create high-paying union jobs in several states, the complaint says.

The contract Biden yanked revolves around a proposed part of the pipeline that would stretch from Canada to Nebraska. A portion of the project has already been built through East Texas.

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