Twitter Supresses #ClintonBodyCount, then #TrumpBodyCount Starts Trending

Actress Mindy Robinson tweeted something after the Epstein death this morning highlighting a tale of two trending tags. One was about a hashtag that starting trending not long after the first reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide this morning, #ClintonBodyCount. Perhaps people were making implications, joking or otherwise, that somehow Bill and Hillary Clinton were connected to Epstein’s death.

Ironically enough, that trend went away and up popped up #TrumpBodyCount instead, even though it showed as having much fewer tweets. Is Twitter manipulating the trends? It’s hard to say for sure.

SEE TWEET FROM @iheartmindy BELOW:

The tweet from Robinson Shows that The #ClintonBodyCount was trending with 69K Tweets and had been removed from the trending sidebar and then showed #TrumpBodyCount with less than 20K Tweets.

The #ClintonBodyCount seems to have been removed from trending because of Accounts labeled as TrollBots with what is labeled as fake tweets using the #ClintonBodyCount.


However, if you search #ClintonBodyCount it still shows as a trending tag.