Video: AOC Confronts ICE Agent at Airport for ‘Trafficking Children Across the Country’ During Pandemic

In a recently uncovered video, AOC is seen confronting an ICE agent who is trying to do his job transporting “unaccompanied refugee teens” into NYC. The video is from March 23rd and was released by news agency, NowThis. AOC retweeted it on earlier.

Rep. AOC confronted this ICE agent at the airport for ‘trafficking children across the country’ during a pandemic

In the video, NowThis claims that an ICE spokesperson told them that “ICE facilitated the transfer of custody of a small group of unaccompanied teens for (the Office of Refugee Resettlement) for placement at a facility in NYC.”

“ICE is required by law to transfer custody of unaccompanied children within 72 hours of apprehension. ICE is working with ORR to make placement decisions that take into account the ongoing pandemic.”

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