Video: California Woman Stops Her Prius to Harass and Throw Dirt on Trump Supporters at Flag Waving Rally

In Los Gatos, California over the weekend a Trump supporters gathered for a flag waving rally. At some point during the event, a woman identified as Michele Gonzales, who is a doctor and graduated from UC Berkeley, stopped her Toyota Prius to tell them what she thought of their event.

Trump supporter Clara Johnson shared a video of what happened, which showed Gonzales harassing them and throwing dirt at the group. Johnson also claimed that she “didn’t capture the last half when she decided to mace a fellow patriot.”

Gonzales appears to have also been scrubbed now from the website of the company that she works for after her information was leaked out and bad reviews were left.

Johnson also shared some “screenshots so you can get a good look at this demon possessed lost soul. Truly good vs evil. This is a spiritual battle…”

Another video shared today of the interaction shows Gonzalez telling the Trump supporters to “get the f— out of our state” and shows that she has a bumper sticker on the Prius that says “Science doesn’t give a f— what you believe.”

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