VIDEO: Dem House Whip Admits That Impeachment Could Backfire in 2020 Presidential Race

“The impeachment process itself is a political process”, says House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D) on a CNN interview recently. He goes on to say, “I do believe that there’s a lot of smoke that all of us see, there should be some fire somewhere, and we should find the source of that fire and the level of it, and what needs to be done to extinguish it.”


After referencing Pelosi at the beginning of the video when she use to be against the impeachment of President Trump, CNN’s Dana Bash continues to push Clyburn on the validity of the impeachment, or in the very least, whether or not it will help the Democrats. She presses him by saying that some Republicans, while they considered President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President that is at the forefront of the impeachment push inappropriate, they don’t believe it to be impeachable.

She goes on to ask Clyburn which specific impeachable crime President Trump committed and he answered, “well I have no idea, and that’s why we are doing this investigation”. He goes on, “there could be high crimes and misdemeanors taken place, that’s why we have an investigation”.

It seems like based on Clyburn’s statements, after also saying “I’ve talked to a lot of people since I’ve been home who believe there’s treasonous on the part of this president, they certainly believe that some crimes have been committed” that he and other Democrats are trying to impeach based on popular opinion among Democrats.

The big money question though is here when Bash asks “is it possible that this could have a negative impact on your party’s prospects in 2020?” Clyburn responds, “sure it could, and that’s what makes this whole process much more political than I would like for it to be”.

Later in the video, another revealing bit of information was revealed when Dana Bash asked Rep Jim Clyburn if he though older African Americans would not support Pete Buttigieg because he is a homosexual and living with his husband, to which Clyburn replied that he knows many people his age that in fact “feel that way”.

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