Video: NYPD Officer Attacked From Behind While Assisting With Arrest of Another Suspect

In a video posted last night, an NYPD officer was attacked from behind in broad daylight by a man wearing a surgical mask after another officer had subdued a suspect with a taser. The suspect then takes off running as the crowd that had gathered cheers him on.

Michelle Malkin shared the video today on Twitter and wondered how officers could still work in the city given the number of these incidents that have happened.

You would be crazy to want to grow up to be a police officer in New York. Look at this disgraceful anarchy, engendered by decades of cop-hating elites in power in academia, entertainment, media & City Hall.

The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York condemned the act and said the “behavior starts with our elected officials” for being silent when cops are assaulted.

This behavior is vile and disgusting. Our officers are risking their health and safety every day. This type of anti-cop behavior starts with our elected officials who are constantly silent when our cops are assaulted for simply wearing the shield.

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