Video of Anna Paulina Luna Resurfaces Showing Amnesty Support

Anna Paulina Luna, U.S. House candidate for Florida’s 13th, appears to be embroiling herself in a web of lies. Not to mention the fact that her campaign has chosen to block us on Twitter over addressing the issues that matter most to almost all patriotic Americans. A video clip has resurfaced last month on YouTube, posted by ALIPAC, AKA Americas for legal immigration.

The video is part of a longer clip that astonishingly, is still posted on Luna’s official Facebook page as well. The video highlights her support for amnesty for DACA recipient holdovers from the reckless and lawless Obama administration.

The amnesty that of course, condones more illegal immigration because that is how it always works. Somehow Luna and other RINO Republicans think that perhaps if they are the ones to give the illegal immigrants amnesty instead of the Democrats that perhaps they will vote Republican.

No statistics have been shown by any of these establishment hacks that can come anywhere near to proving that utopian concept, although much can be found suggesting the opposite. Pew Research data suggests that immigrants, legal and illegal, vastly support the Democrat party, and the Republicans who push for amnesty have not come up with a way to counter that, they simply ignore, pander and cower in fear of being called racist instead.

In the clip posted by ALIPAC, Luna’s true colors come out, although she claims to be totally for the wall and against illegal immigration now, with no mention of her recent support of DACA amnesty, which is almost sure to help turn swing states blue.

This also begs the question of if she’s even a moderate Republican at all, or perhaps a Democrat infiltrator set up to help destroy the GOP for decades to come. One can only speculate but you can’t be too careful in politics these days.

Eric Bolling, who was promoting the concept that he thinks America needs more immigrants anyway, is interviewing Luna in a clip where she appears to make it about Hispanics rather than for all Americans. “Well also first and foremost, there’s DACA recipients here that, absolutely we need to have a solution for them. These people were allowed by both Republicans and Democrats to stay. We need to provide a solution for them, we are not responsible for the sins of our parents…” she says.

There’s only one problem. The United States of America is also not responsible for the sins of illegal immigrant’s parents, and neither are liberty-loving Americans who don’t want to lose their gun rights to radical Democrats politicians who are trying to use mass immigration to take over the entire country. Watch the video below:

You can see a longer version of the clip that ironically is still posted to Luna’s Facebook in the clip below, despite her lack of willingness to address the video today, as we have previously reported as well. Media Right News also covered the race more in-depth here:

Anna Paulina Luna, it turns out, is running for the same seat as Buck, to represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District. August 18th, 2020 is the Republican primary for this hotly contested race. George Buck is currently out funding all the other Republicans in the primary and holding his own against fundraising juggernaut Charlie Crist. Media Right News previously reported:

The other candidates in the primary include Amanda Makki, Anna Luna, Sharon Newby, Matt Becker, and Shelia Griffin. According to Ballotpedia Makki is an Iranian-American, who has lobbied for both tobacco and pharma, she also worked for Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for seven years. Florida’s 13th district will hold its primary on August 18th, we will see which of the candidates will face off with former Governor Charlie Crist.

During this trying time of lost jobs, riots and COVID-19, we need to spare every possible job now more than ever for American citizens and workers and political candidates must own up to who they really are and then let the voters decide who they want in charge of future policy.

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