VIDEO: Protesters Destroy News Media Crews’ Camera Equipment in Washington D.C.

As we have reported on previously, supporters of President Trump and potentially some Antifa disguised as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. This is like nothing we have ever seen in modern history.

A video by shows protesters reportedly destroying the ‘mainstream’ media crew’s equipment, likely showing their disdain for what they believe to be biased and/or untrustworthy reporting. We don’t support illegal activity here at Media Right News and leave it up to the reader to determine what they think. tweeted:

“JUST IN – Protesters destroy mainstream media crews’ equipment.”

Meanwhile, RSBN still has a Livestream going reporting from the situation. It appears one of the reporters for RSBN was potentially pepper-sprayed, and is struggling with that but has been continuing to report anyway. One guy yelled “Right Side, you guys are the best!” on the live stream.

The below video embedded is a live feed and we can’t say for sure what might happen there, so viewer discretion is advised.

Another clip surfaced:

Stay tuned for more updates as we are able to bring them to you.