Video Resurfaces of Gov. Cuomo Urging Female Reporter to ‘Eat the Whole Sausage’ While His Daughter Looks on Uncomfortably

New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo found himself in more trouble over the weekend as he now faces sexual misconduct allegations from two female aides.

A 2016 video has reemerged on social media showing Cuomo at the state fair urging a female reporter to eat an entire sausage sandwich in front of him, while his daughter looks on uncomfortably.

Cuomo can be heard telling NewsChannel 9’s Beth Cefalu “I want to see you eat the whole sausage” as a now-former aide to Cuomo could be seen handing Cefalu a sandwich.

Cefalu has responded to the video and claimed, “I was not pressured/harassed this is two people enjoying the one event – the NYS fair – that gives them a little more freedom to be informal. Its really sad it’s being turned into anything more.”

“This is why people hate ‘the media’ misleading headlines and one-sided articles twisting reality. It’s really sad that any media will turn fun at the fair into some sleazy scandal that it wasn’t. PS – thanks @FoxNews for speaking for me, very professional,” Cefalu added.

A former candidate for a New York state seat, whose campaign was derailed by allegations of his own, Josh Eisen, replied “Agreed 100000000%. What’s good for Kavanaugh is good for @NYGovCuomo GOP should be consistent. To paraphrase Freud: Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage.”

Cefalu responded back, “And honestly it’s one of the signature must haves at the fair and the size of your head so it’s a legitimate question. Anyone covering the fair knows this lol so stupid.”

Cefalu also told Fox News that her interaction with Cuomo that had gone viral has “nothing to do” with the harassment claims the governor has been facing and that she never felt “pressured” to eat the sandwich.

“The governor was trying to be nice and got me some food. It’s probably the one day of year or story of the year he and I can be a little informal and that’s what this was nothing more. He did not pressure me – he was not hitting on me nor did I feel harassed in anyway,” Cefalu explained.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe, however, declared in a recent tweet that she believes “Andrew Cuomo is done. The dam has opened.”