VIDEO: Veteran Woman Goes on Epic Rant Against San Francisco’s NRA ‘Terrorist Org’ Designation

After the city of San Francisco, California decided to designate the NRA as a ‘terrorist organization’, the backlash has started rolling in. The NRA posted a viral rant of a woman who is a member of the NRA, and she speaks her mind to the city and what she thinks of this designation idea.

“So you’re saying that myself, because I’m a minority, woman, and a veteran that now I’m considered a member of a terrorist organization?” She goes on to say later in the video: “you guys are so far removed from the disgusting crap that you’ve created in your own cities that you would call people like us terrorists?” She then tells the intended viewer that she is not going to be bullied into getting rid of her NRA membership and does not plan on giving up her right to own firearms. The caption on the NRA post with @realAnnaPaulina’s video reads:

“.@realAnnaPaulina is a veteran, a wife, and an @NRA member. She is upset with the San Fran elitists who declared NRA a “terrorist org.” Start focusing on real issues. “Like the homelessness, the drug problem, and the human feces that you have infecting your streets.” #IAmTheNRA


Likely the NRA designation given by the city of San Francisco has no legal power, but it goes to show just how far removed the major cities, especially in left-leaning California are from mainstream and blue-collar America. There’s plenty of gun debate going on and both sides have their right to voice their opinions but stunts like this help nobody and simply add fuel to the fires of division.

Shortly before the video was posted a Breitbart piece was also posted to the NRA Twitter feed highlighting how this stunt has no real meaning.

“This stunt is an effort to distract from the problems facing #SanFrancisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and petty crime, to name a few. Their wasting taxpayer dollars to declare 5M law-abiding Americans domestic terrorists, and it’s shameful.”


Conservative icon Wayne Dupree chimed in, saying “is California even “America” anymore?”