Virginia Mom Banned from Entering Her Own Son’s High School Library After Speaking Out Against Pornographic Books There

Stacy Langton, who resides in Fairfax, Virginia, is being told that she is not allowed in the school library of the high school that her son attends.

The Washington Examiner posted the expose recently. The Examiner obtained school policy documents that they say do not restrict parental access to the school library. However, the school’s principal told Langton that the apparently fuzzy policy covered all parents, not just her.

Langton was not kicked out of the library with her son by the librarian when she had previously gone though. It was only when she addressed alleged pornographic books that she was told she can’t go there. Maureen Keck, the school’s principal, will need to do more clarifying it seems. The Examiner reported:

The policy makes no mention of restricting visitor access to parts of campus anywhere, provided all visitors sign in at the front entrance and obtain a visitor pass. Langton said that while she signed in, the machine that provides visitor passes was out of order and had been for weeks.

“A Virginia mother has been barred from entering her son’s public high school library weeks after she addressed the county school board over the presence of pornographic books in the library.”

Stacy Langton also was used for ads in Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial campaign. A viral video of her at the Fairfax County school board meeting got lots of attention. This County is also close to Loudoun County, Virginia, which has had many scandals itself. Could there be political ramifications to this story?

If so, it doesn’t seem like schools should be able to make arbitrary rules just because of a mother’s political affiliation. Fairfax County is known as a very liberal county, even more so than Loudoun, where Youngkin lost but made huge inroads helping him to win the overall statewide race.

The Examiner also reports that Langton will continue to speak out at the board meetings and that The Fairfax Times reported last month that the two books Langton took issue with have been suspended from circulation, pending a review committee’s decision whether or not to keep them.

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