Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Mocks Trump Evacuation By Asking ‘Bunker Inspection Time?’

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin took to Twitter following President Trump having to make a quick exit out of his press conference and asked, “Bunker inspection time?”

A White House reporter had asked the president if he had gone to the bunker after he resumed the press conference and we reported on how liberals had been making fun of him regarding the secure location.

Rubin had earlier had an op-ed published wondering “Do we even need the Republican Party?” Many had tweeted out slamming her for the piece, with one remarking, “First rule of authoritarianism: get rid of all opposition.”

Conservatives quickly condemned her for the comment regarding Trump, with Michael Coudrey calling it a “Disgusting comment.” John Dennis said, “The always tone deaf @JRubinBlogger chimes in” and Robby Starbuck criticized her employer saying, “Thank you for continuing to confirm that the Washington Post is garbage.”

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