‘We Are No Longer in a State of Emergency’ DeSantis Overrides Local COVID-19 Restrictions With Executive Order

In a move that has conservatives applauding, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed an executive order today that immediately overrides all outstanding local COVID-19 emergency orders and related public health restrictions.

During a news conference, DeSantis declared, “The fact is, we are no longer in a state of emergency” while acknowledging that Florida was still not done with its fight against the virus but reiterated the nation’s decline in cases and deaths.

DeSantis added, “I think that’s the evidence-based thing to do,” as average new cases there have fallen by more than 13% over the last week, dropping to 4,885 as of Sunday, according to the data.

Echoing what many on the right have suggested, DeSantis also said that asking vaccinated individuals to continue to wear masks would undermine confidence in the coronavirus vaccines.

The EO doesn’t ban private businesses from requiring masks or enforcing social distancing or other protective measures.

In addition to ending the restrictions, the executive order also bans vaccine passports and DeSantis signed a bill that codifies the executive order into law, effective July 1.

DeSantis said that the executive order was designed to “bridge the gap” until then as the measure, which effectively ends all local pandemic-related restrictions.

ACT for America tweeted out about the order, “Governor Ron DeSantis is suspending all COVID emergency orders. America deserves more governors like RON DESANTIS!”

Former Breitbart journalist Jordan Schachtel tweeted out about the order as well and stated rhetorically about the move, “Name a better governor.”

Last week, the Biden administration announced a relaxation of federal public health guidance on wearing masks outdoors, but President Joe Biden, who is vaccinated, is still is wearing one regardless.

It remains unclear if other Republican-led states will follow, but DeSantis has certainly laid the groundwork.