Wendy Rogers Issues ‘Firearm Safety Tips’ Following Alec Baldwin’s Deadly Prop Gun Mishap

In the aftermath of Alec Baldwin’s deadly prop gun mishap, Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers had a lot to say about the situation involving the anti-Trump and anti-gun actor.

After retweeting an initial New York Post article on the shooting, Rogers told her followers, “Good night everyone except Alec Baldwin.”

The next day, Rogers tweeted, “Good morning. Wendy’s firearm safety tips: Never point a weapon at anyone or anything you don’t intend to shoot.”

“Also, always clear your weapon when you take possession of it to make sure it isn’t loaded. And, never let anyone else load your ammo, always do it yourself,” Rogers explained.

Rogers wasn’t done, however, as she tweeted, “Note to self. Never go hunting with Dick Cheney or Alec Baldwin.”

“Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, and Alec Baldwin go hunting…. How does that play out?” Rogers added in another tweet.

Rogers may potentially have a sixth sense as it has now been reported that Baldwin’s victim’s husband works for the same law firm that Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussman is being represented by.

“WOW…Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Michael Sussmann is now facing a five-year prison sentence for lying to the FBI about the Trump-Russia hoax!!! Sussmann is being represented by Latham & Watkins Law firm…the same firm that Halyna Hutchins’ husband works for!! Something isn’t right.”

Rogers then made her position clear, “I have no sympathy for Alec Baldwin. I only have sympathy for his victims.”

“Always remember the murder victims Halyna Hutchins and Ashli Babbitt,” Rogers implored. Babbitt was killed by a Capitol police officer on Jan. 6.

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