Wendy Rogers Offers Support For Manchin Possibly Leaving Democrat Party After Report, Although He Denies the Veracity of the Story

It was reported today by Mother Jones magazine that moderate U.S. Sen Joe Manchin (D-WV) has told associates he’s considering leaving the Democrat party and has an exit plan.

When asked for comment on the story, Manchin denied its veracity and put it bluntly, “It’s bullsh*t.”

Manchin insisted after walking out of a lunch meeting with fellow Democratic committee chairmen just off the Senate floor, “I have no control of rumors, guys. No control of rumors.”

That didn’t stop Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers from offering her support for a potential move by Manchin.

In a tweet, Rogers tagged Manchin and told him, “we support your move to become an independent and hope you caucus with the Republicans.”

Washington DC bureau chief David Corn, the writer who broke the news, shared the article in a tweet that had many responses.

One response from former director of the United States Office of Government Ethics appointed by former President Barack Obama, Walter Shaub, suggested that Manchin is, “trying to set himself up for a committee chairmanship when the Senate changes hands next year.”

Democrats have been furious with Manchin in much the same way that Republicans were upset with various moderate Republicans during Donald Trump’s presidency.

None of those Republicans ultimately ended up leaving the party, although there were rumors that they might do so.

Author Don Winslow in a tweet today brought a vote that Manchin made while Trump was in office that drew the ire of Democrats at the time.

“1 Democrat and only 1 Democrat voted for Brett Kavanaugh. And that was JOE MANCHIN,” Winslow reminded his followers.

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