Wendy Rogers Reveals That Even Dems and NeverTrumpers ‘Are Outraged that the Biden Admin Weaponized the FBI Against Trump’

Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers was one of the first to respond to the news that the 45th President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence had been raided.

Rogers initially quote tweeted the statement made by Trump and said, “This is ridiculous! Leave President Trump alone!”

Rogers then made a post where she revealed, “I know Democrats and Never Trumpers who are now outraged that the Biden Administration weaponized the FBI against President Trump.”

“This is what they do in a Banana Republic,” Rogers noted.

Rogers later quote tweeted GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake’s statement on the raid and declared, “I am down. Let’s gooooooo.

Rogers has been endorsed by Trump and recently, like Lake, won a primary against a GOP candidate who would be less likely to be as strong in defending Trump.

The FBI raid was connected to Trump’s alleged removal of documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago property when his term in office was over, according to two people familiar with the search.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the FBI notified the Secret Service in advance of the law enforcement action, allowing for federal investigators’ access the former president’s property.

The USA Today reported that historian Matthew Dallek said of the raid, “The idea that the FBI or any other law enforcement agency is raiding a former president’s house is stunning, period – and unprecedented. Even for Trump.”

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