Wendy Rogers Suggests CPAC Should Host Barack Obama if They Are Going to Invite Tulsi Gabbard to Speak

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers was not impressed after it was recently announced that former U.S. House Rep Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate would be speaking at CPAC.

In a tweet, Rogers called on CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp to cancel Gabbard’s speaking appearance at the conservative event.

Rogers shared a picture that showed that Gabbard previously was part of the Forum for Young Global Leaders along with Megan Rapinoe, Alexander Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Dan Crenshaw.

“I call on you to cancel @TulsiGabbard from speaking at @CPAC. She is also a pro-abort,” Rogers said in the tweet while tagging Schlapp.

Schlapp responded in a quote tweet, “Senator you do many good things including your B rating in our scorecard. We have atypical speakers every conference.”

“We can disagree and still listen to a different POV. We believe Tulsi’s message will be well received at our Reagan Dinner,” Schlapp claimed.

Rogers asked in response, “Why not host Barack Obama? I sure people will pay to see that, too.”

Following the exchange, Rogers added in a tweet, “We are surrounded by communists and they are inviting communists to CPAC.”

On a recent episode of the Stew Peters show, insider Chris Ekstrom exposed Schlapp’s role in promoting gay marriage inside the conservative movement, and, mainstreaming the gay, anti-Christian, Log Cabin Republicans.

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