White Journalist ‘Devastated’ About Badly Damaged Office But Says ‘Black Lives Matter More’

An editor, Leigh Tauss, for a North Carolina “Progressive news, culture, & commentary” newspaper was “devastated” after the Raleigh location was badly damaged after rioters and looters threw bricks through the windows. Tauss claimed that she was “inside when the first brick was thrown.”

After she said “lots of people” were in her feed “reveling in the destruction of a newsroom.” While she was “sad about the property damage” and “it’s a bummer,” but “it’s also just a building. Black lives matter more.”

In another post she felt like she is “allowed to strongly believe black lives matter and also be sad my office and all the businesses around it downtown were destroyed. The two are not mutually exclusive.”

The publication tweeted out the pictures and talked about how the office was damaged. They then asked for donations by asking people to join “the INDY Press Club to sustain our mission of making better journalism for a better community.”