Woman Mocks LeBron James By Making a Pouting Face After He Gets Her and Another Fan Ejected From Game

NBA superstar activist LeBron James got mocked last night by a woman who made a pouting face after he got her and another fan ejected from the game.

James, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, was playing against the Indiana Pacers in his first game back from a one-game suspension for throwing an “accidental” elbow.

The fans were clearly supportive of the Pacers as the other fan, a man, was wearing a Pacers jersey.

Many memes have now popped up mocking James and the way he brought the referee over to point out the fans and demand their ejection.

Tim Young said of the situation, “@KingJames is an entitled crybaby who can’t take fans criticizing him during games… But has ZERO ISSUES with communists using slaves to make his shoes.”

Sports fan Ryan Taylor suggested, “If you let a fan get in your head so bad you need them removed from the court, you might not be the GOAT…”

Others, like Twitter use “Q” claimed, “People are really defending this. It doesn’t matter how much athletes are paid, they are human beings. Don’t come to their job disrespecting them. You pay for their entertainment, not for the space to insult and dehumanize them. Grow up.”

Previously, we reported on LeBron James mocking Kyle Rittenhouse for breaking down

in court:

U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel (R-OH) took a swipe at NBA player LeBron James today. This comes after James appears to have mocked Kyle Rittenhouse on Twitter in the middle of his ongoing trial regarding the shooting of three men during the Kenosha, WI riots, two of which who died.

Many have sided with or against Rittenhouse depending on their political persuasions, which in our view is not how things should be. Yesterday, regarding reports that at one point during the trial Kyle Rittenhouse broke down and cried while on the stand, LeBron implied that he thinks Rittenhouse may have been faking.

Additionally, the tweet clearly shows James’ disdain for Rittenhouse, despite what the ultimate outcome of the trial may end up being. James tweeted: “What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

Mandel saw the tweet and used a line that Fox News’ Laura Ingraham once got in trouble for using at James previously.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is the victim. Shut up and dribble, LeBum.”

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