45th President Donald Trump Applauds Supreme Court Decision on Blocking OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Yesterday, we reported that the Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate for private businesses. For Republicans, it was bittersweet, as many lamented that same Supreme Court upholding the mandate for health care workers.

Although there is a lot to be said about the healthcare worker mandate, Trump wanted to take the time to tout the “good news” portion of the SCOTUS ruling yesterday via a Liz Harrington posted statement he released.

“NEW! President Donald J. Trump: “The Supreme Court has spoken, confirming what we all knew: Biden’s disastrous mandates are unconstitutional. Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy but he has failed miserably on both—and mandates would have further destroyed…”

Many of Trump’s new justices have let down conservatives on various votes. But occasionally they do something “good” and it reminds Republicans and right-wing Americans that if Trump hasn’t gotten the people he did on the Supreme Court, things could be even “worse” than they are now. Of course, the right-wing isn’t getting everything they want. That goes without saying.

Joe Biden is letting tons of illegal immigrants stay in the United States, flying them to swing states, often in the middle of the night. This is concerning people who are not happy about the cultural and voting changes things like this can cause, not to mention potential higher crime rates and demographic shifts. The United States is already a very diverse nation and has been for decades.

But some argue that the Democrats want to make it so “diverse” that it changes the landscape and voting nature forever. This isn’t a “racist” opinion at all in our view, just like voter integrity isn’t “racist”. But many Democrats use “racism” as a way to demonize anything Republicans do, including voter integrity pushes in red and swing states.

Nevertheless, the GOP does appear to have some short-term tailwinds. It’s important for Trump supporters to keep a balanced approach of the good and the bad and not let divisive rhetoric from left-leaning media outlets cause too much despair.

We will see what happens next with the mandates that were upheld, the ones that were shot down, and how companies and voters react to the news.

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