ACLU Demands Release of All ‘Immigrants From Civil Detention’ After 4 Test Positive for Coronavirus

The ACLU called today on the DHS to “release all immigrants from civil detention” following reports that 4 people in custody with ICE have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus as well as 5 employees assigned to detention centers. Overall there are 28 cases among ICE employees not assigned to them.

Immigration detention should not be a death sentence. The DHS must release all immigrants from civil detention.

On Saturday, Federal Judge Dolly Gee of the US District Court in Los Angeles instructed HHS and ICE on Saturday to either promptly release migrant children from custody or explain why they must be kept in detainment amid the pandemic.

If the agencies fail to do so by April 10, Gee said she will order the government to release about 3,400 children in HHS custody and hundreds more in ICE family detention centers, to either their family members or foster parents. She also said she decided against ordering their immediate release due to the risk of exposing them to the virus, given current travel restrictions.

Recently it was announced that some in Mexico have now demanded that the border be shut down between the two countries. Mexican protesters shut a US southern border crossing amid fears that untested American travelers will spread Coronavirus.