CNN Calls Trump Supporting World Leaders ‘Power Hungry’ and ‘Itching to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis’

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, world leaders have been grappling with how to best contain the spread within their countries. According to CNN, “some world leaders have spotted an opportunity to tighten their grip on power.” They conveniently ignore Democrat Governors who now seized local power.

The first example they give is from Hungry and PM Viktor Orban, where a bill passed on Monday which “handed Prime Minister Viktor Orban the power to rule by decree indefinitely”. Orban is considered an ally of President Trump.

They claim that he will punish journalists if the government believes the reporting is not accurate and allows the government to hit citizens with heavy penalties for violating lockdown rules. It also prevents any elections or referendums from taking place while the measures are in effect.

In Virginia recently, Governor Ralph Northam (D) passed a stay-at-home order that is in effect until June 10th, which is the day after the June 9th Primaries were supposed to occur. There is also the potential for jail time if you violate the order. It is said to be temporary but it could be extended easily.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who Trump has a “great relationship” with, is criticized in the article as “a man who arrests his critics and has boasted about personally killing suspected criminals during his time as mayor of Davao City” and is accused of securing emergency powers, giving him greater control of public services.

Then they go after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that he has faced criticism after his government approved the electronic tracking of patients, using technology that had previously only been used in the fight against terrorism.

Trump has praised Netanyahu in the past many times and has called him a “good friend” as well as working closely with Israel to secure peace in the Middle East.

The piece ends by being critical of the United States for actions they took after 9/11 and by essentially calling on Democrat leaders to take a stand against Trump.

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