Adam Schiff Calls Republicans ‘An Authoritarian Cult’ Who Are ‘Beholden To Their Disgraced Demagogue’ Trump

Apparently triggered from the rally in Des Moines, Iowa last night and recent poll numbers, U.S. House Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) lobbed an attack on Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

Schiff began in a tweet by asking, “It’s a simple question with a simpler answer: Was the 2020 election stolen from Donald Trump?”

“No. Unequivocally no,” Schiff answered his own question.

Instead of stopping there, Schiff continued and said, “But Republicans are so beholden to their disgraced demagogue that they dare not speak the truth.”

“They are an authoritarian cult. And a danger to our democracy,” Schiff added.

Schiff may have also been watching NBC’s “Meet the Press” where former White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor used similar language in a conversation with host Chuck Todd.

As we previously reported:

In a clip that was shared in a tweet, Todd sets up Alcindor in the segment by suggesting, “The other thing is, there seems to be no power in numbers.”

“Everybody is afraid of… if they all join hands, they could rid the party of Trump, but they’re not doing it,” Todd explained.

Alcindor agreed and stated, “They’re not and really at the heart of this is fear and at the heart of this is the idea is that the threat continues.”

“Watching the Trump rally yesterday, and I would only do it because I was coming on ‘Meet the Press’ with you Chuck, I watched it from beginning to end and what I saw yesterday was a president who is continuing to not only lie, but up the ante,” Alcindor continued.

Alcindor then accused Trump of using a tactic that the left commonly used for the four years that he was in office, but she was oblivious to the irony, apparently.

“He was telling people last night, we are not going to have a country in three years, we have to take this country back,” Alcindor complained.

Alcindor also insisted, “What you see is a Republican Party that simply cannot divorce itself from the alternate reality that the former President is living in.”

“You see people riled up, excited about that and talking to Democrats, they are just so worried that energy is on the GOP side,” Alcindor concluded, once again apparently oblivious as to why people would feel that way.

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