Adam Schiff Implies Donald Trump Wants Another January 6th Based on his Pushback Against Apparent Political Persecution by Alvin Bragg

Outgoing U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who was recently disgraced by losing a major committee assignment under the new Republican controlled House is throwing multiple apparent temper tantrums today on Elon Musk owned Twitter.

Schiff is seemingly implying that Republicans must all denounce former President Donald Trump due to the way he is pushing back against what appears to be an attempt to arrest Trump by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg over something the federal government previously declined.

Schiff appears to be continuing his ongoing persona of twisting reality, distorting the truth and ranting furiously about his most ardent nemesis.

While it remains unknown yet as to whether or not and how an arrest of Trump will occur, Democrats are clearly attempting to capitalize on the brouhaha by not even letting Trump push back on the attempted arrest for what many view as egregious overreach by a George Soros linked Democrat activist. Schiff tweeted:

“Donald Trump is now saying his indictment could lead to “death and destruction.” Only days after calling for protests to “take our nation back.”  After January 6, we know exactly what he means, and the consequences. What more will it take for Republicans to stand up to him?”

Many times before, Democrats have taken what some see as abstract phrasing by Trump to decide what they think he “means”, and in doing so time and time again drum up outrage for any “Republican” still supporting the Republican front runner for 2024. While others are running for president on both sides, clearly Donald Trump remains the biggest political threat to the establishment regime currently running the show, in our view.

We will simply have to standby and see how the news continues to unfurl in this unprecedented situation that is playing itself out before our eyes this week and next.

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