After Canceling Denmark Trip, Trump Hints Denmark Should Pay More to NATO

Trump both tweeted and posted to his official Donald J. Trump Facebook page about an hour ago the same message. Summarized, Denmark isn’t paying enough to NATO.

This comes less than a day after he canceled a trip to Denmark over a diss from the Prime Minister regarding his expressed interest in purchasing Greenland. This could lead to much speculation, as to whether or not this is a ‘shot fired’ in return, or something he was planning all along in a strategic move.

Either way, he lays out some statistics and makes his case. President Trump posted:

“For the record, Denmark is only at 1.35% of GDP for NATO spending. They are a wealthy country and should be at 2%. We protect Europe and yet, only 8 of the 28 NATO countries are at the 2% mark. The United States is at a much, much higher level than that. Because of me, these countries have agreed to pay ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS more – but still way short of what they should pay for the incredible military protection provided. Sorry!”


Fox News reports on the story here. The aforementioned link has a short clip inside with some comments from today by President Trump about the Greenland situation. Surely there will be more on this as the news cycle progresses in the coming hours and days.

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