After MTG Ban, Lauren Boebert Vows to Hold Twitter ‘Accountable’ if Republicans Take Back the House in 2022

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) issued a warning today to Twitter on its platform after U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) because the latest elected Republican official to be banned.

Boebert declared, “Twitter permanently suspended a sitting US President. They’ve now permanently suspended a sitting member of US Congress.”

“Of course, both from the same party,” Boebert noted and vowed, “They forget that in 2022 we are taking back the House and we WILL be holding them accountable!”

Boebert wasn’t finished, however, as she followed that tweet up by suggesting, “Twitter should change (its) name to Pfizer.”

“The good guys are never the ones silencing the truth,” Boebert asserted in a final salvo towards the tech giant.

As we reported earlier, Greene had her personal account suspended again today by Twitter and at the time it was unclear how long she will be suspended this time and appeared she could face a possible permanent ban.

Twitter has since confirmed that her account is permanently suspended due to “repeated violations” of their COVID-19 “misinformation policy.”

The last time Greene was suspended, her account was still available for viewing in read-only mode. This time, her account has no such benefit and none of her prior tweets are available for viewing.

Greene’s government account remains active still so she can continue to use that.