Air Force Pilot Senator Wendy Rogers Demands ‘Woke’ General Mark Milley’s Immediate Resignation

The Arizona State Senator famous for her election integrity efforts (along with other great Arizona Republicans), Wendy Rogers (R) has been going hard on General Mark Milley lately.

She feels, as does Juanita Broaddrick as per the quote tweet below, that Milley is partly to blame for the Afghanistan debacle in addition to failed Democrat President Joe Biden. Rogers, who was recently seen at Mike Lindell’s election integrity Cyber Symposium talking about the 2020 audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, is a former Air Force pilot.

This means she has a little more experience than the average everyday Joe when it comes to politics as well as military matters. Juanita Broaddrick had originally tweeted a “flashback” clip of Milley from Fox News saying “the Afghan security forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country.

A negative outcome, an automatic Taliban takeover is not a foregone conclusion. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments necessary.” Rogers responded by saying, “Resign woke Milley. Demote to 2LT.” WATCH:

Rogers has had other things to say about “woke” Milley as of late. If you recall, Milley recently testified before congress that he was interested in investigating “White rage” in America and that he didn’t think that was a “woke” position. He also reportedly went against former President Donald Trump, who wanted to put a swift end to 2020 riots, potentially with the force of the military.

Riots in 2020 caused billions of dollars in damages and were largely downplayed by the left-leaning media as a major election approached. Many riots were even condoned by Democrat leaders, and when asked, it was hard to get Dr. Anthony Fauci to admit that riots may have spread Covid-19, but going to churches definitely did. Here’s more commentary from Rogers regarding Milley as we recently reported:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers implied that woke politics in the military may have potentially hurt them from successfully accomplishing their missions. While it’s hard to prove that exact correlation for sure in this instance, it certainly makes us look weak when we hear reports that General Mark Milley stopped former President Trump from keeping riots at bay in the summer of 2020.

“Maybe Biden and Woke Milley should have focused on Afghanistan instead of being woke and going after the American people.”

Stay tuned for updates…

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