Alderman Who Lightfoot Said Was ‘Full of Sh*t’ Wrecks Mayor in Press Conference After Multiple Targeted Vandalisms Against Him

You’ve probably heard the famous audio by now of the Chicago alderman who demanded Mayor Lori Lightfoot give a better plan on how to stop all the violence and destruction going on in the city. He was first ignored, and then told he was ‘full of shit’ by the infamous Democrat Mayor of Chicago, who has sparred with President Trump recently over the deployment of federal agents to the city to quell angry mobs.

Raymond Lopez has not been treated well since standing up to the radical left-wing mayor. In a press conference, Lopez says he has been vandalized three times in a month, twice at the office he appears to be standing in front of, in what he believes to be targeted at him.

“Good morning,” Lopez begins. “For the second time, here, and the third time against me in a month, I’ve been the victim, and targeted for vandalism. Ten days ago, Mayor Lightfoot said that every resource would be used to protect me, my home, and my office. She’s failed, clearly, she has failed. But what’s more important, is that she hasn’t just failed me, she’s failed the entire city of Chicago. She’s failed every neighborhood where crime is running rampant, even as we speak.”

Lopez goes on to continue to lambaste Mayor Lightfoot, and at one point he asks, “What’s it going to take? What’s it going to take for this city, this mayor, this police superintendent, to finally take this seriously? How many more press conferences do I have to have because of what’s happened either to me or to one of my residents, to a child, to a senior who’s just trying to be in their living room. I’ve had enough, I’m beyond pissed right now, because I have to keep having these press conferences…”

He continues to complain about failed leadership in the city allowing lawless criminals to run the show. Lopez says he would like for federal officers to make their presence known in his area. Watch the shocking video in full where Lopez believes he’s being pushed down for standing up for his residents. “This has to stop,” he says. Watch:

ABC 7 reported:

Alderman Raymond Lopez said Thursday his 15th Ward office in the Brighton Park neighborhood has been vandalized again.

Lopez said security video shows one person vandalizing his office.

Lopez also says ‘gangbangers’ are prowling the grounds of his house as well, but that he doesn’t plan to stop standing up for his community.

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