Alleged Hunter Biden – Walmart Connection Resurfaces After Retailer Apologizes for Deleted Tweet Slamming US Senator Hawley

Previously this morning we reported that US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced that he would vehemently object to the cementing of Joe Biden’s reported win in the 2020 presidential election. Later on, a rogue Walmart employee tweeted out in fury against Hawley using the official corporate Walmart Twitter handle, calling him a ‘sore loser’.

Hawley has since responded, and according to National File, Walmart has now apologized. A Twitter user is now resurfacing an apparent old email alleging to show a connection between Hunter Biden and Walmart, making the liberal bias seem even more nefarious in the view of American voters, shoppers, and consumers.

It’s unclear where the email came from but it appears to be real and corroborates information about Gregory B. Penner, an American businessman, and venture capitalist. Crabcrawler tweeted:

“HUNTER BIDEN said: “I am friends with Greg Penner- married to Carrie Walton- who is on the board (should be next chairman) and runs Walton family office.” With that in mind: today’s political jab against @HawleyMO from the Walmart Twitter account shouldn’t be so surprising.”…

“HUNTER BIDEN and Walmart Chairman Greg Penner discussed business deals together. Hunter: “It’s probably against my interest putting you two together but I couldn’t help myself” Response (from whoever): “No risk to the Bidens since your Dad would be a great leader for it!””

Meanwhile, we do know for a fact that Hunter Biden’s tax affairs are being investigated by the Federal Government. Additionally, we are standing by to see if Walmart holds someone accountable for their actions in using the corporate Twitter handle today to further their left-wing liberal bias.

As the fight continues in the US Congress to stall the cementing of Joe Biden’s win, Hunter Biden’s past apparently continues to muck things up for his Dad, President Trump will not concede, and more and more US GOP Reps are standing up for Trump.

We don’t know if they’re all doing it because they believe in the cause or to get more recognition but one thing is for sure, President Trump will remember them when it matters, and one way or another, Donald Trump will be around politically with lots of influence for a long time in our prediction.

Standby for updates…

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