Alyssa Milano Crosses Line, Equivocates Rallies to Trump Dancing “On The Graves of 215K People”

Today, this year and this election cycle have been like no other. This holds true to protests, many of which have been violent, news stories, and celebrity opinions. One outspoken celebrity arguably washed-up Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano spends her time tweeting out hatred for Republicans and President Trump often.

Most recently she crossed the line in our view, claiming Trump rallies, or as his campaign refers to them as “peaceful protests” are the same thing as dancing on the graves of dead Covid-19 victim. Her words exactly were:

“Oh? I wish Joe Biden could lead a super spreader event where he dances on the graves of 215k people!? No thanks. I prefer my presidents not to be a buffoon. And anyhoo, I consider all the unprecedented early voting to be a Biden rally.”

This is Milano’s way of hitting back at Trump supporter Joy Villa for bashing Joe Biden’s apparent inability to garner crowd’s as large as President Trump. Many might dispute that as Biden simply being careful because of Covid-19, but it would still be hard to prove that with or without a pandemic, Joe Biden could garner the same crowd sizes as President Trump.

To be fair, Trump is the president, which doesn’t hurt, but he is also a showman, who had large crowds at rallies even before he was elected in 2016. Milano’s bitterness shows, as she is trying to (in our view) used the reported Covid-19 deaths without context to imply President Trump is somehow celebrating by dancing at rallies, which is just out of line and untrue.

Time will tell if this tweet receives the backlash it deserves, or if the Amy Coney Barrett hearings and alleged Joe Biden scandals (which we will not get into here in detail) will continue to dominate headlines as we head into the final weeks of an election that could define the course of the nation for the foreseeable future.