Anti-Cop Protesters Ask for Police Help After Boise BLM Outnumbered by Flag Waving Patriots

Last night in the capital of Boise, Idaho, a ruby-red state, a Black Lives Matter rally was organized to demand defunding of the Boise Police and reparations for African Americans. This comes despite the fact that most of the anti-police protesters appeared to be white. The BLM crowd did not expect to get outnumbered by multiple groups, including patriotic bikers and a flag wave group affiliated with the ‘MAGA Girl Idaho Chapter’.

It was reported by multiple law and order supporting or pro-Trump groups that the ‘patriots’ outnumbered the BLM and possible Antifa gathering several-fold. Greg Pruett who is with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance reported about a defund the police protester who ended up ironically ‘needing’ the police by the end of the day. I’m not sure what’s going to happen if the police get defunded and the protesters have nobody to call for help… Pruett captioned his post:

“This girl had an ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) sign and her friend had ACAB on her jacket.

Yet, she spent time filling out a police report and enjoyed police protection. Why fill out the police report and ask for their protection if they are all bastards?

Saw this several times at the BLM – Boise protest.

BLM is a bunch of hypocrites.

At the end of the day, they will call the cops every single time they feel threatened or need help. Every time. #GP” See post below:

Despite the radical calls from the leader of the anti-cop groups, the group of flag-wavers shouted back things like, “defund welfare” and “four more years”, in support of President Donald Trump’s re-election.

The MAGA girl group began a few days ago by letting their followers know about the “Defund The Police” protest planned for June 30th, which was yesterday:

Here’s another flag wave event organized by the patriotic group:

America First patriot Michelle Malkin gave a kudos to the Boise flag wavers and pro-police counterprotesters to her 2+ million followers on Twitter: “Love to see it. BOISE shout-out to grass-roots Idaho Liberty Dogs & patriots who counter-protested BLM yesterday.” See tweet:

A local Facebook page posted a video highlighting and describing the irony in people wanting help from the same Boise, Idaho Police who they want to defund in a video. He makes a point that protesters say they want police to get more training, but they won’t be able to do that if they get defunded. Check out the video below and some iconic photos in another post below that from the same group who did the video.

The counter protest wrap up and my comments of the most ironic part of the rally.

Posted by Code 3 to 1 Retired Law Enforcement Officers of Idaho on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A local reporter posted photos as well as her take on the event last night, saying: “Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protestors and self-proclaimed counter-protestors are currently demonstrating in front of Boise City Hall. Heated arguments in process about police funding. Police are present. Full story tonight at 10 on Idaho News 6

At one point early on the BLM and anti-police protesters were event chanting “who’s streets? our streets!”, before their voices were drowned out by shouts of “back the blue” and “four more years”. It seems as though, they weren’t actually “their streets” in Boise Idaho last night thanks to patriotic Americans deciding they have had enough lawlessness and police-hatred. Pruett also posted a live stream of the event as you can see below if you would like to watch.

BLM Boise Protesters Met with MASSIVE Counter-Protest

Live from BLM "Defund the Police" protest in for those who live in Idaho!

Posted by Greg Pruett for Idaho on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

And one more video he posted of the protesters and their outrageous demands:

BLM – Boise Calls for Abolition of the Police

Just so we are clear on what these Marxists actually want, you can hear it for yourself.Now, I'm not saying every single one of them feels the same way but listen to one of their speakers ask for the abolition of the police department and many of them cheering for what the speaker says. #GP

Posted by Greg Pruett for Idaho on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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