Tucker Carlson Shows Who’s Boss With Highest-Rated Cable News Record

Tucker Carlson, the host of the popular cable news show Tucker Carlson Tonight has taken aim at a number of politicians in prior weeks. From Senator Mike Braun to disgraced Neoconservative Nikki Haley, all the way to the President of the United States, Carlson has lambasted a number of Republican figures for not being sufficiently conservative in a time of crisis. 

Carlson isn’t a mainstream conservative. He doesn’t sound like Hannity, or Laura Ingraham, or any of the other robot talking heads at Fox News. He’s genuine, he’s honest, and his message is clear: Someone needs to stand up for the American People, and someone needs to stand up to the mob. Carlson states that those leaders will have to be republicans there’s no option at this point. But he says that republican leaders have instilled very little confidence that this will happen, and instead they have kowtowed to the people who hate them most. 

This was evident in his monologue last night when he issued a stern warning to republican leaders:

“The only political movements that endure are the ones that make their voters stronger… They [Republicans] will not lead us, we know that now. They’ve refused to. We have to lead, and when we do they will follow.”

This is not an isolated event. Carlson seems to have grown increasingly aggravated by the non willingness of republican leaders to stand up for their voters in times of crisis. Carlson’s grievances aren’t just accurate, they’re popular. In fact, Carlson’s show in the second quarter of 2020 has amassed the largest television audience in the history of Cable News. 

Carlson’s show averaged 4.33 million viewers throughout the second quarter of 2020. This breaks the previous record set by Sean Hannity, making it the new record for the best ratings in Cable News history.

Carlson’s show has been characterized by his unapologetic stance on how the president should respond to the riots in major cities throughout our nation. He’s lost advertisers for his bluntness on the subject, but he doesn’t appear to be bothered. In a rare sighting on his show, Carlson cited his ratings in a segment a few weeks ago. Carlson said the following:

“This show turned out to be the most watched hour of prime time television in the country yesterday… The point of telling you this is to remind you that you are not alone. You may feel like you are. Suddenly your opinions qualify as crimes. Dare to say what you think at work, and you’ll be fired in the middle of a recession… If you’re forced to shut up they can do what they want with your country that’s why they do it. But last night’s show suggested that they have not yet succeeded, though they’re trying. Millions and millions of Americans agree with you. You are not crazy. Your views are not evil. What’s happening to this country is completely and totally wrong.”

Carlson is right of course. People are being silenced in a moment of crisis. Speak your mind, and be reprimanded. Carlson speaks for these people, and that’s why he’s getting the ratings that he is. He has become the voice of the voiceless. Let’s hope he continues to stand up for those who are not allowed to stand up for themselves.