AOC Blames Conservative Officials for ‘Betrayal’ and Says They Are Doing Bare Minimum to Save Lives

In a couple of tweets recently, US House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) was back at it again, lobbying for guaranteed healthcare, housing, basic income. She accused “conservative officials” of “resisting” while “doing the bare minimum to save lives.” “It’s a betrayal,” she said.

She was apparently set off by the news today that US unemployment claims for last week hit 6.6 million, another record high, as layoffs accelerate in face of Coronavirus. Her take was, “10 million people that we know of are newly unemployed in the US.” Of course, for many of them, it will hopefully only be temporary until the virus is contained.

10 million people that we know of are newly unemployed in the US. This is an unprecedented crisis. The Federal gov has the power to guarantee healthcare, housing, & basic income. Yet conservative officials are resisting doing the bare minimum to save lives. It’s a betrayal.

Washington Post reporter Jeffery Stein wondered “how could states’ Medicaid budgets possibly handle anywhere close to millions and millions of new claims?” Her response was that “they can’t. We need Medicare for All.”

Recently she had appeared in an Instagram Live video railing against capitalism and how “many people’s main income just has to do with owning property.” She encouraged people to research about organizing a rent strike, but that they can “have an honest conversation with their landlord.”

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