AOC Joins in with Chasten Buttigieg’s Irresponsible Rhetoric and Attacks Lauren Boebert on Twitter Over Sympathy Statement

U.S. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has made it clear that she is not one of the Democrats who will be boycotting Elon Musk’s Twitter 2.0. This has been demonstrated by the fact that she is tweeting as usual.

Cortez joined in with Chasten Buttigieg Sunday morning with similar rhetoric about how pro second amendment U.S. House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) somehow indirectly contributed to acts like last night’s tragedy in Colorado.

At least 5 were sadly killed at an LGBT night club and many more inured from a shooter. Boebert posted a respectful statement condemning violence and addressing the tragedy.

Earlier we reported on Chasten Buttigieg’s distasteful response, and now AOC has joined him with even more irresponsible and divisive rhetoric:

“.@laurenboebert you have played a major role in elevating anti-LGBT+ hate rhetoric and anti-trans lies while spending your time in Congress blocking even the most common sense gun safety laws. You don’t get to “thoughts and prayers” your way out of this. Look inward and change.”

Boebert had originally said:

“The news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful. This morning the victims & their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.”

Earlier we reported:

Media Right News sympathizes with all the victims and their friends and family and condemns all violence.


  1. Hellfire upon all vile leftists

  2. Sorry but no “thought’s and prayers” for the perverted!

  3. Someone please shut that mincing phaggit up.

  4. AOC has caused an increase in people not liking stupid ex-bartenders that pretend to know anything about anything when they know nothing about anything.

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