AOC Tells Rapinoe that Illegal Immigrants Pay More in Taxes than Corporations, Who Employ Taxpaying Americans

Over the weekend, House Rep AOC and US Women’s Soccer player Megan Rapinoe sat down for an Instagram Live interview. Rapinoe asked questions and AOC provided answers. At one point, Rapinoe asks about the recently passed worker stimulus bill, “is there any sort of provision or protections, in for like a student visa, or a work visa, and like undocumented immigrants?”

AOC replies that, “Undocumented immigrants pay taxes. Undocumented people pay like to the tune of $14 billion in taxes. That means that undocumented workers who are making our food, cooking in restaurants, stocking our stores, they pay more in taxes than Facebook does, than Amazon does, than a lot of big banks, than a lot of big banks and GM does.”

The problem with her logic is that these corporations employ hundreds of thousands of tax paying Americans and that without those jobs they are unable to produce the money that actually does get paid. Most illegal immigrants are paid under the table and don’t end up paying taxes beyond at check out, regardless of what AOC and others say.

AOC made a big scene when she was given time on the House floor prior to the passage of the bill.

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