Biden Stumbles Through Answer To Question In His Own Attack Ad, Tells Trump to ‘Do His Job’ In Tweet

In an attack ad posted on Twitter, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden shows a clip of him being asked by Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, “Is there an action he has not taken that you would be taking if you were president.”

Biden’s response is, “One, I would make sure that he uses the defense production act.” He stumbles through the message and so you can only assume that he meant himself if he were President.

In the tweet he says, “It’s time for Donald Trump to do his job.”

Our health care workers are putting their lives on the line every day, and our president is accusing them of stealing lifesaving supplies. It’s time for Donald Trump to do his job, so our heroes are able to do theirs. Lives are at stake.

Earlier, Biden had tweeted out his message a little clearer saying that “President Trump should be using the Defense Production Act.” He claimed that it was “a matter of life and death”.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently suggested that Trump has “always had designs reigning as a monarch with unlimited power rather than serving as a mere president in a democracy” and “what lengths might Trump go to expand his power under the guise of national security”.

Earlier today, fellow Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders accused Hungry’s Viktor Orban of being an example of an “Authoritarian leader” using a moment of crisis to “seize unchecked power”.

President Trump is being put in a tough position here because if he invokes the Defense Production Act, he will likely be accused of the same things just like with the federal quarantine, which has also been asked for by those on the left.

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