As Video Shows Biden Muttering to Himself and Appearing to Search For Something on the Ground, RNC Research Asks ‘Is Everything Okay, Big Guy?’

Joe Biden appeared today in Puerto Rico to give a speech after the island took a hit from Hurricane Fiona last month.

A clip of him walking towards the podium has gone viral as he mutters to himself and appeared to be searching for something on the ground, perhaps where he was supposed to stand.

RNC Research asked in a tweet where they shared the clip, “Is everything okay, big guy?” The clip was titled, “What is Biden doing?”

Biden ultimately began to roll up his sleeves, apparently realizing that the camera was on him and at one point, it seemed like Jill Biden made a move towards him but thought better of it.

Disclose.TV shared the clip from RNC Research and a number of verified Twitter users responded with their interpretations.

Texas Scorecard publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan suggested that “He’s looking for the tape marked with the picture of an ice cream cone, ‘cause that’s where he is supposed to stand.”

Former GOP congressional candidate Jason Nelson offered up, “They said there’d be little girls…” Another Twitter user responded, “This is unacceptable. Un-ac-ceptable!” to which Nelson replied, “Somebody’s getting fi-red…”

Chef Andrew Gruel speculated that “Rumor has it 6 hours later he’s still rolling up his sleeve.”

Whatever the situation, it wasn’t the only odd moment from the press conference.

As Biden took the podium later, at one point, he told the audience, “New York sent not only a congresswoman, one of the most congresswoman into the Congress, but a State Troopers and emergency responders…”

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