In New Hard-Hitting Campaign Ad, John Kennedy Recommends Calling a ‘Crackhead’ the Next time you Get in Trouble if You ‘Hate Cops Just Because They’re Cops’

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) released a hard-hitting campaign ad recently that recommended calling a “crackhead” the next time you get in trouble if you “hate cops just because they’re cops.”

In the ad, Kennedy shared a quote from the Wall Street Journal which pointed out that New Orleans has the No. 1 murder rate.

Images were then shared from Black Lives Matter rallies with someone holding up a sign that said: “Defund the police.”

Other quotes were pulled from a Bossier Press article that described Shreveport, LA as being among the most dangerous US metro areas and another from Fox 8 that said carjackings have almost tripled in New Orleans compared to this time last year.

Kennedy shared that he was endorsed by the Lousiana Sheriffs’ Association and a clip showed him shaking hands with officers.

“Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead,” Kennedy concluded.

Kennedy is facing off against multiple challengers as the state has a jungle primary system, which would invoke a run-off if no candidate reaches 50% on Nov. 8.

Otherwise, whoever gets more than 50% of the vote is declared the winner at that point.

 Kennedy has a growing war chest, last reporting $15.8 million on hand in campaign funds, compared with just $600,000 for the top Democrat competitor, former Navy fighter pilot Luke Mixon.

Although Mixon is attempting to portray himself as a moderate, in his first campaign ad, he said, “Now, I’m fighting extremism at home, running against Sen. Kennedy.”

Kennedy triggered the hip-hop show “The Breakfast Club,” which called the ad “racist.”

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