At the Behest of the Secret Service, Capitol Police Reinstall Fence for Biden State of the Union Address

The Capitol Police have reinstalled the fence around the Capitol for Joe Biden’s Tuesday State of the Union address at the behest of the Secret Service.

Politico’s Nicholas Wu shared the news in a tweet with a picture of the fencing and said, “Looks like the Capitol fence is coming back ahead of the State of the Union.”

CSPAN’s Craig Caplan reported in a quote tweet of Wu a pair of quotes from Acting House Sergeant at Arms William McFarland.

“At the request of the United States Secret Service, the Architect of the Capitol will erect a fence around the United States Capitol for the State of the Union Address,” McFarland stated.

According to McFarland, the fence will be removed on Wednesday following the address, after being installed yesterday.

Leftist retired Lt. General Russel L. Honoré said in a tweet earlier today that perhaps there could be a potential situation during the address.

“Let’s see how the @SecretService@CapitolPolice @FBI @DHSgov secure the #Capitol tomorrow night,” Honoré declared.

Honoré then threw red meat to the base as he speculated, “Let’s see if @SpeakerMcCarthy try and allow #MAGA to bring guns into the @POTUS state of the union!”

“Capitol Still not Hardened! Will the fences go up? @11thHour @nytimes @CNN,” Honoré wondered, apparently unaware of the news.


  1. If they worry about the populace giving a care about what the dweeb has to say, they don’t need a fence to keep them out, they don’t care. They might need the fence to keep their captive audience in though in order to have a few folks to show on video as caring about the speech.

  2. I guess it’s not the peoples house…..

  3. Beijing biden needs to be arrested and perp-walked off the podium on national television.

  4. I’m surprised they’ll even venture to come out into the city lights, cockroaches don’t normally act this way. So I suppose the fences are so they can scurry away if the Orken man comes a calling.

  5. why waste time even watching on television? he won’t tell the truth.

  6. “Capitol Police Reinstall Fence for Biden State of the Union Address”

  7. If they had given us more notice, Arizona could have sent them all those shipping containers that were keeping illegal aliens from crossing the border into AZ. That makeshift wall was effective, which is why the Biden administration ordered it dismantled.

  8. If you plan on going full commie on America, It won’t be those on the outside of the fence you need to worry about. When it comes to patriots in the military, I’d bet that Milley wasn’t able to purge them all. Put that in your ice cream cone and lick it!!

  9. The next J/6 will be the last J/6. A million armed people should do it well.

  10. Good job nabbing the fake J6 pipe bomber that was used as a pretext to evacuate Congress on J6.

  11. I bet they are anticipating massive crowds of adoring fans, you know, multitudes of his 83 million voters.

  12. This Honorè jerk sounds like a real agent provocatèur.

  13. To keep Dopey Joe from wandering off.

  14. Was under the impression the speaker of the house controls policing etc. Pelosi controlled it all , so what is with Mcarthy?
    why is he putting up with this.
    Something smells wrong!

  15. There is only a 50/50 chance of a SOTUS speech at all. Medication can partially mitigate dementia symptoms, but effectiveness degrades over time. They might not be able to pump up the medication enough to put him on camera. Cue the excuses.

  16. Those fences will not stop the ChiCom Balloons.

  17. Hey Deep Sate criminals, when we do decide to come after you, your measly little old ‘Border Wall” ain’t gonna do you any good You” need your F-15’s and nukes on standby. Oh wait, Putin’s gonna beat ya to the nukes and all he’s going to hit is DC because he knows that’s where the evil in this world is.

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