Dave Chappelle Gets Last Laugh, Wins Grammy For Special that Leftists Decried as Transphobic and Homophobic

Comedian Dave Chappelle got the last laugh tonight as he won a Grammy for a special that leftists decried as transphobic and homophobic.

Chappelle won the best comedy album Grammy for “The Closer” special that was released on Netflix and faced protests from employees.

The award was given during the Grammys Premiere Ceremony and with Chappelle not in attendance, presenter Babyface accepted the award on his behalf.

Actor Cary Elwes offered his congratulations to Chappelle for his Grammy win in a tweet where shared a picture of the two together.

“Congratulations to my friend #DaveChappelle for winning a #Grammy for Best Comedy Album, ‘The Closer.’ So well deserved!” Elwes declared.

In a separate tweet, Twitter account 2Cool2Blog shared a picture as well and said, “Dave Chappelle reacts to winning BEST Comedy album at the #Grammys

On the other hand, NPR’s Eric Deggans complained in a tweet, “Wow. Grammys really don’t care; one year after giving an award to admitted harasser Louis C.K., they gave one to Dave Chappelle’s homophobic and transphobic Netflix special. Sigh.”

Chappelle’s special “The Closer” was part of a $60 million four-special deal with Netflix and he continues to release material on the streaming service.


  1. Dave dared to raise his voice against the DJOOZE!


  2. The best revenge is living well. Chappelle is living the best type of living well, and those of is who understand the difference between jokes and malice (cancel culture) are shoulder to shoulder laughing with Dave at you, the offended class. Well done, Dave!

  3. Majority of Americans agree with what Dave says. The left can just get over it.

  4. With all of the indignant outrage about Chappell, should I anticipate a significant drop in ticket prices, going forward?

  5. This result along with a few key lines in 2022 movies tell me Hollywood is about done with w0ke, they just need to NOT MAKE IT LOOK like they’re done with w0ke…

  6. “Before I start tonight, I’d like to read a brief statement that I have prepared…..”

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, to really have an impact, we need to STOP buying these people’s products.

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