AZ AG Catches Heat from Kari Lake and Wendy Rogers Over Nunchuck Video: ‘More Arrests, Less ‘Chucks’

After the Maricopa County, Arizona 2020 election audit results were released, both sides reacted. The Republicans in the Arizona Senate who conducted the audit pointed out many obvious discrepancies, some of which the left-leaning mainstream media tried to “debunk”.

The left claimed the vote count showed that Biden still won Maricopa County, which is true if you don’t look at any of the votes in question as was alleged by the auditors including Doctor Shiva Ayyadurai. The left quickly tried to discredit Dr. Shiva, however, as his analysis did not fit the mainstream narrative.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann sent a recommendation letter to Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich following the audit which can be read about here. Following that, Brnovich claimed his office would conduct a thorough review, after the audit showed there was a poor job of signature verification in some cases, among other improprieties alleged.

Shortly thereafter, Brnovich sent Maricopa County a letter, ordering them to preserve any and all pertinent data to the 2020 election for a potential investigation.

Since then, many who wanted more action from the audit have been impatient and firing off on Twitter and in emails, phone calls, and rallies where state representatives attended. No one knows for sure how much investigating the Attorney General is doing and some are skeptical and placing blame on the Arizona Senate, even though they can’t control the Attorney General’s actions directly.

What they can do, is redirect heat to the office of the AG, which is what appears to be happening. Recently AG Brnovich put out a video of himself playing with nunchucks on Twitter.

This is to imply that action may be coming, but many are still skeptical and want action, not theatrics. This is including but is not limited to Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and State Senator Wendy Rogers. Examples:

“We want indictments. We want arrests. We want justice!”

“The AG nunchuck video could literally be his greatest video ever as a hero who saves the Republic or it could be his John Kerry in a space suit or Mike Dukakas in a tank or Howard Dean yelling moment. He will choose what that video becomes.”

“You all are getting through to the Arizona AG, please keep up the heat. Calls, emails, and social media. We literally just made him do a nunchuck video. It is a step in the right direction but not what we want. We want less chucks, more arrests.”

“With all due respect AG, we want to see arrests – literal crooks being perp walked in hand cuffs. Now, not later.”

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