Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Claims Maricopa, AZ Audit Shows 9,589 Too Many Early Vote Ballots Approved Based on Their Analysis

Earlier we reported on the audit of the 2020 election being done in Maricopa County, AZ. There were many takeaways. In a recount, the votes still did show that Biden won, and many in the media ran with that before looking for other important details.

For example, one of many findings by the auditors shows, based on their claimed findings, that 9,589 early vote ballots should have been easily disqualified and were hastily sent to signature verification anyway. These findings were revealed in the audit report video after a review of duplicate ballots.

Dr. Ayyadurai says many early vote ballots with various signature discrepancies from the duplicate votes got through to the final phase somehow. This was just one of many discrepancies found that are still being analyzed and broken down by various reporters.

This is not an official report from the county, but from the auditor hired by the Arizona Senate. It’s too early to tell how this and other discrepancies will ultimately be answered for by Maricopa County. WATCH:

Dr. Shiva detailed his credentials in the clips below:

Full and ongoing audit video:

This story will be updated as we are able to obtain more information.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) is again calling for a decertification based on this and many other reported discrepancies:

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