Baby Terrified, Tries to Push Away As President Biden Leans to Kiss Him at Colorado Event

A baby was terrified and tried to push away as President Joe Biden leaned in to kiss him at a Colorado event yesterday.

The Gateway Pundit shared video of the interaction that was posted on YouTube from Fox News and titled the article, “Biden Scares a Baby in Colorado When He Leans in For His Signature ‘Sniff and Kiss.'”

Conservative Cory Bernardi tweeted the article and said, “The headline alone makes me LOL”

According to Reuters, Biden insisted at the event that recent extreme weather events will “come with more ferocity.”

A day after saying the economic damage caused by such events last year cost the United States $99 billion, Biden said they would come in at more than $100 billion this year.

Biden explained, “Even if it’s not in your backyard, you feel the effects.”

Reuters reported:

During the tour, Biden examined a windmill blade resting on the ground outside the laboratory and also looked at a giant solar battery, saying such batteries would be important in ensuring homeowners have seven days of reserve power.

Biden hopes to tap into voter concerns about the climate to gain popular support for a $3.5 trillion spending plan that is being negotiated in the U.S. Congress.

Republicans oppose the legislation due to its price tag and because taxes would be raised on the wealthy to pay for it.

Democrats who hold narrow majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate are hoping to pass the spending plan with only Democratic votes, a difficult balancing act in chambers rife with competing interests.

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