Biden Administration to Review Thousands of Deportations That Occurred Under Trump, Wants to Bring Them Back

According to a recent report by Politico, the Biden administration, with little public fanfare, is working on plans for an organized review of thousands of cases of people who say they were unjustly deported in recent years, according to senior officials in charge of immigration.

Those officials say that many deportations, especially under former President Trump, were unduly harsh, with little law enforcement benefit and they are working to devise a system to reconsider cases of immigrants who were removed despite what they believe are strong ties to the United States.

The report says that legal scholars called a process that resulted in returns of significant numbers of deported people highly unusual in American immigration law.

Undoing deportations has generally required arduous legal battles in exceptional cases, and returns have been infrequent, potentially until now.

Marsha Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security said that the agency “is committed to reviewing the cases of individuals whose removals under the prior administration failed to live up to our highest values.”

Espinosa became an assistant secretary in the Office of Public Affairs starting in February 2021 after serving as Chief of Staff for U.S. House Rep Linda Sanchez (D-CA).

Officials are developing “a rigorous, systematic approach” to conduct the reviews and “an orderly process” for deported people to present their claims, according to Espinosa.

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller blasted the news in a quote tweet of Mark Krikorian, executive director at the Center for Immigration Studies, who shared the Politico article and lamented, “It ain’t over til the alien wins.”

Miller declared, “This is not a matter of legitimate policy disagreement. This is a planned and purposeful dismantling of US law, sovereignty, citizenship & nationhood.”

“It’s a willful and malicious shredding of our Constitution and the social contract that underpins our whole system of government,” Miller explained.

It is unclear if this will ever move forward, now that the plans have been revealed to the public, but if it does, it is likely that it will be challenged in court.

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