Biden Attempts to Make Light of Speculation That He Wears an Earpiece and Takes Performance Enhancers

Prior to tonight’s debate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted out a picture of a pair of Apple wired EarPods and a quart of Jeni’s ice cream.

He added the caption, “It’s debate night, so I’ve got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready.”

Today, the USA Today issued a fact check saying that “Allegations that Joe Biden wore an earpiece at town hall debate are false.”

President Trump challenged Biden to take a drug test prior to the debate and Rudy Giuliani accused Biden this morning on Fox & Friends of potentially taking some form of attention-deficit disorder medicine.

In May, Biden ate ice cream with Stephen Colbert “for charity” during a taping of Colbert’s late-night TV show.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a lot of heat in April after she appeared on a late-night TV show flaunting her collection of ice cream while the unemployment rate skyrocketed.

From Media Right News:

Campaign Manager Brad Parscale mentioned how she blocked “funding for people to keep getting paychecks.” He said that “she’s cool” because she “has a fridge full of ice cream.” In a play on the folklore French aristocrat villain Marie Antoinette, he finished by calling her “Nancy Antoinette,” saying “let them eat ice cream.”

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