Biden Attempts to Trash Trump on ‘Worst Economic Situation Since the Great Depression’ Despite Positive August Jobs Report

Despite the August jobs report released yesterday showing employers added back about 1.4 million jobs, bringing the unemployment rate to 8.4%, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden criticized President Trump for the ‘worst economic situation since the great depression.”

Biden claimed that “what the American people really need to understand” is that “all pain and suffering stems from President Trump’s failure to lead. His sheer inability and unwillingness to bring people together. He likes to sign executive orders, actions for photo ops, but they’re ill conceived and could do more harm than good.”

CNN also was critical, despite the news, running an article with the headline, “Trump’s job losses are the worst of any American president on record.”

Halfway through the article though, they did acknowledge that “to be sure, the bulk of the job losses in the Trump economy were precipitated by the shutdown orders associated with the worst pandemic in 100 years.”

Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia called the news, “a good way to go into Labor Day weekend.” Scalia told John Scott on Fox News, “Since April, we’ve now added back 10.6 million jobs, a much quicker pace than anybody had projected. That 8.4% unemployment rate [is] so much lower than people were expecting to see.”

“We’re at such a better place right now. We know we have work to continue to do. We’re at it, and I think this progress will continue, but it’s certainly very good news for the weekend — a validation of the strong economy the president had built before the virus struck,” Scalia added.

Prior to the pandemic, job openings had plunged to their lowest level in nearly two years as hiring surged in November of 2019 and the employment market got tighter. In February, the unemployment rate was 3.5%.